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Women Experiencing the Glory of God

Special Thank You!

My hubby support, motivation, and guiding force in my life!
My Mom (Deacon Carter), who always support me in all my endeavors
My daughter, Ashley, a constant golden star in my life.
Shavon M. and Lonnetta S., my friends who graciously volunteered assistance packaging materials.
My best friends, Lisa, Rene S., Louise, and Angel
For her presentation and encouragement as a life coach, Cheryl D., helps build other people's lives.
My Hope Church Women who participated and continue to show love and support to me as "First Lady".
My Hope TEC friends' continuous support and bonding.
My special guest who I met for the first time.
As God continues to elevate my life, I am thankful to everyone I encounter along the path!

Love Lady Julie

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